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The master boot record partition table is a table describing the subdivision of the harddisk into partitions. This table has been defined since the advent of harddisks during the beginning 1980 and is absolutely required by all operating systems. This table can encompass up to four primary partitions.


The bootmanager BootStar manages a second partition table internally (invisible to other programs / operating systems) with up to 15 entries. This table is called the "BootStar partition table".


While the computer is booting, up to four entries are copied by the bootmanager BootStar with the aid of the bootprofiles. These entries are copied from the internal BootStar partition table to the master boot record partition table.


The bootmanager is located on the harddisk at the end of the first cylinder ("track 0"). This location is used by a few harddisk drivers and bootmanagers. Therefore, the capacity of your harddisk is not limited by the bootmanager BootStar.


Note for the installation in the profi mode:

While the bootmanager BootStar is installed, no other harddisk partitioner must be used (e.g., FDisk or PartitionMagic)!



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