- A -

Application of the Security Features

- B -

Bootmanager BootStar

Bootprofile Table


BootStar Colors

BootStar Dummies

BootStar Night Service

BootStar Opening Message

BootStar Password

BootStar Settings

Build Emergency Disk

- C -

Command Line Options (Overview)

Config File

Configuration of Boot Profiles


- E -

Edit Bootprofile

Edit Keyboard Buffer

Edit Partition

Edit Security Settings

Example "Password Protection"

Example for "Backup"

Example for "Local Firewall"

Example for "Several Computers"

Example for "Several Operating Systems"

Example for "Training Center"

Example for "Virus Protection"

Extended partition table

- F -


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- H -

History of Development

How It Works (Overview)

How It Works of the Security Features

- I -


Install Bootmanager

Installation (Overview)

Installation of New Operating System

Installation on Existing System

Installation on New System

- L -

Liability / Warranty

- M -

Master Boot Record

- O -

Open Master Boot Record

Open Partition

Open Table


- P -

Partition Table

Partition Types

Planning a System

Positions in Master Boot Record

Problems (Overview)

Problems with DOS / Windows 95/98/ME

Problems with Hardware

Problems with Linux

Problems with Software

Problems with Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista

- R -



Return Values Using Exitcode

- S -

Save Master Boot Record

Save Partition

Save Table

Script File

Security Features (Overview)

Select Partition Type

Shareware (Restrictions)

Short Overview

System Requirements

- U -

Uninstall Bootmanager