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While the computer is booting, you do not just use the bootmanager BootStar to select an operating system (or a partition) but rather an entire bootprofile. This bootprofile contains the following settings:


Visible partitions:

You may mark up to four of the fifteen primary partitions as "visible." The remainder will be "truly" hidden.


Active partition:

You may choose which of the visible partitions should be booted. In this case, it is unimportant which harddisk contains this partition. It is also possible to boot from disk as an alternative. (An additional option is to change to booting from disk while the computer is already going through the booting process.)


Order of the visible partitions:

You may change the order of the partitions. This may be used to influence the drive designation (e.g.: "C:").


Keyboard buffer:

You may write up to 16 automated keys into the keyboard buffer. This may be used, for example, to control subsequent bootmanager such as LILO or NTLoader.


Security settings:

You may indicate the following separate entries for each bootprofile:

whether it may also be booted from disk,
whether a password is required for booting, or
whether this bootprofile should be displayed at all.



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