Security Features (Overview)

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The bootmanager BootStar offers your data (partitions) a high level of security.


Standard mode:

Partitions will be hidden by coding the starting sectors. Because of this other programs are able to see the partition, but they are not able to see the contents (files) of this partition. They are not able to read the files because the need the corret contents of the starting sectors to know what kind of file system the partitions contains.


Profi mode:

Due to the extension of the second partition table (BootStar partition table) and the bootprofile concept, partitions from the master boot record partition table will be deleted.


Since these deleted partitions are no longer listed in the master boot record partition table, they cannot be seen by other harddisk partitioners either. Thus, they are "truly" hidden. Almost all other bootmanagers change nothing more than the partition type, which then can be changed back without any problems; it also means that the partitions are not hidden with only the access being restricted. (The encoded BootStar partition table is invisible to other harddisk partitioners.)


The visibility of the partitions may be "switched on" using the bootprofiles. These may be protected individually using passwords, so that no one without the proper password may have access to your data.


Furthermore, it is also possible to hide bootprofiles, so that these may only be offered after a specific key combination has been used. Thus, a non-authorized person cannot even detect, whether additional bootprofiles (partitions) even exist.


Booting from disk may also be permitted or restricted via a password.


The reliability of such a protection and safeguarding of the partitions in the profi mode has a high rating, since probably only about 1% of all users is able to circumvent this type of password protection. The protection in the standard mode is also high, because no normal user is able to unhide a hidden partition.



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