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Modern operating systems usually have already integrated backup programs. This, however, can cause significant problems when restoring data. For example: It is not possible to restore Windows ME if Windows ME itself is defective.

Backing up data also requires a lot of time during which the computer is not available or only partially available for other tasks. Most people also lack the necessary discipline to actually perform a data backup on a regular basis.


Solution using the bootmanager BootStar:

BootStar eliminates this problem by offering the option to install another operating system on your computer, which will be used exclusively for backup / restore.


This additional operating system can be, e.g., Windows ME. The first installation of Windows ME is used for "normal" operation, while the second one remains invisible. Use your secondly installed Windows ME - which can see the first one but does not use it - to backup and/or restore data. Since you normally would not use the second operating system, this OS will be stable and function properly at all times, guaranteeing a trouble-fee backup and/or restoration of your data. (Of course, this process will also work with any other operating system.)



¹ : Windows ME file system


During booting, choose easily from a menu whether you would like to use your computer "normally" or for the purpose of backup/restore. To change, simply restart your computer.


An alternative is to start the partition to be used for the data backup automatically every night without user input. Just set the automatic boot option in the BIOS to nighttime. The boot manager program BootStar is then set to boot the data backup partition at the indicated time (activate night service). Once the data backup is complete, the computer can then be turned

off again using the program of the boot manager BootStar. This means you will have a fresh backup of all your data every morning without having to think about it. The drive imaging software DriveStar is especially well suited to backup data because it works seamlessly with the boot manager BootStar.


Technical realization:

The realization of the application example listed above is as follows:



X : Partition visible

A : Partition visible and active (booting from this partition).

¹ : This bootprofile is protected with password



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