Example for "Local Firewall"

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The Internet always brings with it the danger that a stranger might view and explore your system and even copy data from your harddisk. (The manufactures of the leading browsers, Netscape and Microsoft, had to admit to this security gap repeatedly.)


Solution using the bootmanager BootStar:

Just install another operating system on your computer. For example, a second Windows 95 specifically for surfing the Internet ("Internet access"). While you use this Internet access, your actual operating system ("normal" operation) together with your personal data remain invisible. However, the data of the Internet access remain accessible to you during "normal" operation.



Whether you want to use your computer "normally" or whether you want to surf the Internet, you can choose either option easily from a menu during booting. In order to change your selection, all you have to do is restart your computer.


Technical realization:

The realization of the application example listed above is as follows:



X : Partition is visible

A : Partition visible and active (booting from this partition).

¹ : Both partitions can be of the same type (but do not have to be)



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