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In larger companies and institutions, it is often necessary to reinstall a series of new computers.

In this case, each computer has to be set up individually "by hand" (a lot of work!), because there is no software, which automatically creates partitions.


Solution using the bootmanager BootStar:

The program of the bootmanager BootStar can be automated using a so-called "batch programming" routine, which can also be used to create partitions at the same time.


The computer can be booted from a boot diskette, which triggers this batch program automatically. It installs all desired partitions and the bootmanager BootStar as well -- if that is desired. It also offers support for installing operating systems.


This process can be used for any of the application examples.


Technical realization:

The realization of the application Example of "Several Operating Systems" listed above is as follows:



BSDOS.EXE /Status                 ; Is BootStar installed?

If Errorlevel 1 Goto LABELClear   ; No: Jump


BSDOS.EXE /Uninstall



BSDOS.EXE /CLEARMBR               ; Delete all existing partitions


BSDOS.EXE /Install                ; Install BootStar

BSDOS.EXE /Partition:OS2-100      ; Create partition with 100 megabytes

BSDOS.EXE /Partition:Linux-       ; Partition with remaining hard drive

BSDOS.EXE /Partition:Win-,HDD2    ; Partition on 2nd Hard drive


BSDOS.EXE /Bootprofile:2          ; Activate Linux



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