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Generally, it is possible to install several operating systems on a PC. Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to choose a specific OS during booting. There are bootmanagers (e.g., integrated into OS/2), which enable a switch, but switching is rather cumbersome - and they need extra space on the harddisk. Another problem is the partitioning limitation of the harddisk restricted to only four areas (partitions). In the end, almost no one is able to start his or her computer from a second or additional harddisk.


Solution using the bootmanager BootStar:

These three limitations are eliminated by BootStar without any problems: The bootmanager BootStar enables the user to choose an operating system while the computer is booting by simply using a menu.


Your choice depends on

which operating system you want to use
on which harddisk with
which partitions.


For example: You can install Windows XP and Linux on your first harddisk without any problems and at the same time install Windows ME on your second harddisk:



¹ : Windows XP file system

² : Linux file system

³ : Windows ME file system


Which operating system you would like to use can be selected quite comfortably from a menu while the computer is booting. To change to a different OS, simply restart your computer.


Technical realization:

The realization of the application example listed above is as follows:



X : Partition visible

A : Partition visible and active (booting from this partition).

¹ : Windows XP file system

² : Linux file system

³ : Windows ME file system



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