Example for "Training Center"

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It is not uncommon that the computers in training centers are frequently used by several courses with completely different application needs. Some of the participants of training seminars also attempt to modify or even willfully destroy configurations.


Solution using the bootmanager BootStar:

By using the bootmanager BootStar, the participants can select the environment for their training. Thus, the instructors can set up separate configurations for different training courses.


This also offers the option that the participants of one course cannot access and see the environment of the other courses.


Similarly to the data "backup" example and/or "password" example, a configuration can be installed for the instructors on each system that cannot be used and/or destroyed by course participants, which allows the restoration of the system.



¹ : At least this bootprofile should be password protected and / or hidden.


Now each course participant can easily select his or her training from the menu during booting. In order to change the selection, the computer just needs to be restarted.


Technical realization:

The realization of the application example listed above is as follows:



X : Partition visible

A : Partition visible and active (booting from this partition).

¹ : At least this bootprofile should be password protected and / or hidden



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