Example "Password Protection"

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In some companies and private sectors, several users have access to one computer. However, not every user is supposed to gain access to the data of all other users.

Maybe you would like to ensure safeguarding of your data, even in the case of theft of the computer (or harddisk).


Solution using the bootmanager BootStar:

The bootmanager BootStar makes it possible for you to protect individual areas of the hard drive (partitions) by using a password query during the start of the computer. Thus, you can create an individual partition for every user. Different hierarchical levels can also be created in this connection.


Maybe you are also familiar with the problem that a self-employed freelancer or entrepreneur wants to use the computer for his or her work, but at the same time the children of the family want to use the computer to play games.



¹ : This bootprofile is password protected.


Whoever would like to use the computer at the moment only has to select his or her environment from a menu during booting.

In order to change the selection, the computer just needs to be restarted.


Technical Realization:

The realization of the application example listed above is as follows:



X : Partition is visible

A : Partition visible and active (booting from this partition).

¹ : This partition is password protected



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