Example for "Virus Protection"

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Usually you will test a new program once in a while. If this new program contains a virus (or maybe even a grave programming error), this can mean a lot of trouble for you.


Solution using the bootmanager BootStar:

You can solve this problem in a similar way as the Internet problem: You simply install another operating system for testing the new software.


If you find a virus, you can normally eliminate it fast and easily with the data security/backup solution.


Whether you just want to try out a new program or want to use your computer "normally", you can choose either option easily from a menu during booting. In order to change your selection, all you have to do is restart your computer.


Technical realization:


The realization of the above listed application example is depicted in the following graphic:



X : Partition is visible

A : Partition visible and active (booting from this partition).

¹ : The both partitionen could, but don't have to be, get the same type



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