Shareware (Restrictions)

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Notes for the shareware version:


You may test and evaluate this program free of charge and pass it along to other interested users as well (without any registration key). Proper and standard use, however, requires a registration of the program (buying the program). This is valid for the program as well as the actual bootmanager (bootstrap).


Without a registration key, you can use the shareware version without any restrictions for 30 days. After the trial period is over, each boot will result in a registration notice being shown on your screen. With each booting of an unregistered copy, the registration notice will remain on your screen for one second longer. Example: After the trial time has expired, the 10th booting will result in a ten-second delay before your system will actually start.


One license is required for each computer using the bootmanager BootStar! If several licenses are ordered, it is possible to obtain a key for all licenses.



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