Liability / Warranty

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If this program is used improperly, it may result in the irretrievable destruction of all data on your harddisk!


It is thus absolutely necessary to create a backup before using the bootmanager BootStar. According to the ruling by the district court Konstanz 1 S 292/95 from May 10 1997, daily data backup is reasonable and can be expected!


Thus, any responsibility or liability for any losses or damages is not accepted!



Note for the shareware version:

The purchase of this software is according to the BGB §494 (German Federal Legal Code) a "trial purchase". This means that the software can be evaluated before the actual purchase. The software is provided as is without warranty of any kind. Any rights for modifications or follow-up corrections do not exist.


Should you find any errors, please let our support staff know and we will try to correct the error within a few days.


The bootmanager BootStar is delivered together with a limited version of FreeDOS.


FreeDOS is a completely independent and different program.

FreeDOS is freeware and does not grant any warranty claims.


More about FreeDOS on the Internet at:



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