Installation (Overview)

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Unzip the file "BootStar.ZIP". It contains the following files:


BSDOS.EXE    Program for DOS

BSDOS.HLP    Help file / manual for DOS

BSWin.chm    Help file / manual for Windows (CHM)

BSWin.cnt    Supplement for the Windows help file (HLP)

BSWin.exe    Program for Windows

BSWin.fts    Supplement for the Windows help file (HLP)

BSWin.hlp    Help file / manual for Windows (HLP)

FreeDOS.bin  FreeDOS binary files

Manual.pdf   Manual in Adobe Portable Document Format PDF

ReadMe.txt   Brief description of the bootmanager


Both programs are completely compatible. The only difference is the operating system (DOS / Windows) under which they can be started. All other items (functionality and menu structure) are completely identical.


After all files have been unzipped, you can start the correct program directly.


However, you should first plan your system well, because it is very difficult to modify the configuration (partitions) at a later time.



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