Installation of New Operating System

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If you would like to install an operating system before you install the bootmanager BootStar, you may disregard the following details!


Installing operating systems after the bootmanager has been installed enables a better separation among the operating systems.


To install a new operating system while installing the bootmanager BootStar, please carry out the following steps:

Create a partition for the new operating system (see also details about the partition types).
Create a bootprofile, which contains nothing but the just created partition.
Install the operating system in this partition.
During the first booting, select the bootprofile using <Ctrl+Enter> to boot from disk. Altenate can <Shift+Enter> be used for booting from CD-ROM.
Configure the bootprofiles according to your wishes.


If the new operating system is supposed to be installed from CD-ROM without a bootable CD-ROM, please execute the following steps:

Insert a bootable floppy disk with a CD-ROM device driver
Select bootprofile with "<Ctrl+Enter>" (this will booting from the floppy disk)
Start the program of the operation system



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