Configuration of Boot Profiles

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The bootprofiles constitute the individual choices, which are offered to you by the bootmanager BootStar while the computer is being booted. They contain all information needed for booting.


The minimum amount of information required in these bootprofiles consists of which partition should be visible and which partition should be the boot partition (disk).


These settings are inserted into the bootprofile table after the bootmanager has been installed.


The bootprofiles can be reconfigured at any time without any problems, so that any extensive planning ahead of time is not necessary. You probably will change the settings of individual bootprofiles at one or another or add new ones.


Note for the profi mode:

Please note that some operating systems (e.g., Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista and Linux) require the die exact position of your partition entry in the master boot record partition table. This has to be configured in the bootprofile under "Positions in MBR."



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