Problems with DOS / Windows 95/98/ME

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For FAT 16 partitions, the maximum partition size is 2 GB.
For MS-DOS up to version 4.x, only one primary partition at one time (bootprofile) may be visible. (However, it is not a problem to install several.).
It is possible to boot from the 2nd harddisk only if no primary partition is visible on the 1st harddisk.
The program of Windows 95/98/ME writes over the master boot record during installation. This damages the bootmanager BootStar. Therefore, after the installation, the file program of the bootmanager BootStar should be executed in order to correct the error automatically. An alternative is to call the setup program of Windows with the option "/ir". In this case the master boot record will not be overwriten.


Installation starting above 2 GB:

(works only with Window 95 and higher)

Set up type "0E" partition.
If other operating systems are to access this partition, type "0E" should perhaps be changed to "06" after the installation process.


Installation on second hard drive:

When installing on the second hard drive, the power has to be disconnected to the first hard drive during the installation process.

An alternative is to "manually" install DOS (with FORMAT, SYS, and COPY).



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