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The bootmanager BootStar is written into the master boot record and the track 0 (first cylinder) of the harddisk. That is the reason the program cannot be used with other programs (other bootmanagers or harddisk drivers like Ontrack DiskManager), which occupy and use the same memory location. The installation in the master boot record is recommended. The installation in the track 0 is variable.
Set the "boot sequence" in the BIOS to "HDD, CDROM, ..." to enable booting from CD-ROM without problems.
For most operating systems, it might be necessary to set the harddisk in the BIOS to the "LBA" mode.
Hard drives, which need a software driver (either because of their size and/or age) usually cannot be used with the bootmanager BootStar.
To access a hard drive correctly, it must be supported by the BIOS via Interrupt 13h.
While running Windows the partition Windows has been started can't be modified. The reason for this is Windows blocked the partition. You can solve this problem by using the DOS version of this program. Please note that this does not function from within the DOS box offered by Windows because the same problem would occur.



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