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Bootmanager / Settings...


Here you may specify some general settings. which influence the functions of the bootmanager BootStar while booting:



Choose, which headline in the bootmenu (selection while booting) is been shown.


Default choice:

Choose, whether the same bootprofile should always be active or the previously selected bootprofile:

Always the same: The default bootprofile is the one activated in the bootprofile table.
Previous: The default is always the one chosen previously during the last booting.


Bootprofile selection:

Here you can activate or deactivate the display of the chosen bootprofile.


Hot keys:

Indicate one or two keys to be pushed to receive a list of the invisible bootprofiles (Security Settings of the Bootprofiles) and to make a selection.


Auto-boot / Time:

Specify a time after which the auto-boot will start -- if the user does not make a choice. Auto-boot will boot the active bootprofile.


German Keyboard Driver:

Usually only the American (U.S.) keyboard driver is active when booting the computer. Computers utilizing a German keyboard should also use the German keyboard driver so as not to confuse users with an incorrect keyboard layout.

If you do not use an American or German keyboard, please take the missing keyboard driver into account when assigning passwords and hot-keys in the bootmenu.


ATA Security Freeze Lock:

This option freezes the Security Feature Set of the first 4 harddisks which may be accessed via ports 0x170 and 0x1F0. Please note that this security measure lasts until a reset of the specific harddisk, for example by a reboot of the computer or the wakeup of a standby! This prevents unwanted and unauthorized access to the security functions of the harddisks, for example setting a password.



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