Properties of Bootprofile

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Bootprofile Table / Edit / Properties...


You may indicate the following settings for each bootprofile:



Enter the name of the bootprofile. This name will appear in the bootmanager BootStar during booting. (The bootprofile may then be selected by either pressing the first letter of the name or by using the cursor keys.)


Boot Disk:

Enter the drive from which to load using this bootprofile. If you select a harddisk, you have to indicate which partition should be active as well.


Some operating systems support only the 1st disk and the 1st harddisk. If you would like to boot from the 2nd harddisk (or higher), most operating systems require that the previous harddisks do not have any visible partitions.


CD-ROM is only available, if the "BIOS Boot Specification 1.01" is present.



Indicate the partition from which to boot. (You may only activate "visible" partitions, which are located on the "boot disk.")

Here you will activate the extended partition and the secondary partition within the extended partition table in order to boot from a secondary partition.



Enter up to four partitions you would like to make visible in this bootprofile. During booting, these partitions are used by BootStar to enter them into the master boot record partition table. (The reason for the limitation to only four partitions rests with the master boot record.)



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