Save Partition

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Partition table / File / Save Partition...

Extended partition table / File / Save Partition...


The following settings have to / can be made for each saving:



Enter the file name.


File Size:

Files of saved partitions can be rather large. It is thus possible to split these files onto several smaller ones. The split can be carried out either automatically (data volume is full), or you can specify a fixed file size. The latter is best if, e.g., these files are to be saved on CD-ROMs later on.


Disk Change Prompt:

If the file size has been set manually, all files are usually created in the same directory first and subsequently distributed to different data volumes. To facilitate this process, the prompt for changing the data volume can be suppressed.


File Compression:

Since the generated files can easily become rather large, it is frequently recommended to compress them. A compression disadvantage is the longer program runtime.


If this program supports the logical save of partitions, this process will be activated automatically.



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