Edit Security Settings

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Bootprofile Table / Edit / Properties... / Security Settings


You may indicate the following security settings for each bootprofile:



Here you may enter a password required for the booting of this bootprofile.

This function may be used to protect partitions by indicating a password for all bootprofiles containing the partition to be protected.


Booting from Disk:

If you deactivate this option, it will be impossible to boot the selected bootprofile from disk during the booting process using <Ctrl+Enter> instead of <Enter> from BootStar. With <Shift+Enter> can be booted from CD-ROM. This expected the "BIOS Boot Specification 1.01")


Visible Bootprofile:

If you deactivate this option, this bootprofile will not be displayed by BootStar during the booting process. Only after pushing the "hot keys" will this bootprofile become visible and may then be selected. (The "hot keys" may be changed in the "BootStar Settings." Usually, <Alt+B>, <Alt+M> are the "hot keys.")



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