Build Emergency Disk

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File / Build Emergency Disk


You can create an emergency recovery disk, which will contain the following:

Program (DOS version)
Master Boot Record as binary file (*.bms) for every hard disk
Partition table (*.bmt)
Bootprofile table (*.bmi), only if BootStar is been installed


You may use this disk to restore your system if all or part of it has been destroyed (due to a technical error or by mistake).



It is not possible to create the emergency disk from the same drive used to start the program! (If necessary, please copy the program to another drive before building the emergency disk.)



The drive imager DriveStar has no connection with FreeDOS. The drive imager DriveStar does not use any function or functionality of FreeDOS. FreeDOS will be used only to make the emergency disk bootable.


FreeDOS is a completely independent and different program.



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