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Copyright (C) of the harddisk partitioner PartitionStar rests with:


Postal mail:

Software development Christian Wallbaum

Yorckstrasse 10

44789 Bochum

Germany / Deutschland




All listed trademarks are property of their respective owner(s)!


This program is delivered together with a limited version of FreeDOS. To be exact, it is possible  to create a boot disk using this program together with FreeDOS. This program does not use any function or functionality of FreeDOS.


The copyright of this program has no connection with the copyright of FreeDOS. The rights of use of this program have no connection with the rights of use of FreeDOS.


FreeDOS is a completely independent and different program and is subject to the general rights of use and the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Source code to FreeDOS is available; either write to us for a copy of the kernel source code that we used, or visit to download the latest version of FreeDOS!



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