Problems with Software

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Bootmanager with Installation in the master boot record:



The harddisk partitioner does not recognize the bootmanager. It thus cannot handle the "hidden" partitions correctly.



Does not exist: You should utilize the harddisk partitioner PartitionStar if you have installed a bootmanager in the master boot record! (Exception: The bootmanager BootStar.)



Antivirus Programs:



Warning after which a program tries to change the master boot record. This is most likely a virus.



This might be a message from an antivirus program: The harddisk partitioner PartitionStar modifies the master boot record. That is the reason why some antivirus programs erroneously report this as a virus.



Norton AntiVirus:



Norton AntiVirus reports a "Bloodhound.Boot" warning for the emergency disk.



Not required: This message is just a warning about a potential virus and does not mean an actual virus has been detected.



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