Partitioning Programs

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Several programs are available for partitioning, which can be carried out for almost every operating system. These programs are called "partitioners" or "hard disk partitioners."


Most operating systems have their own partitioning program. That program is often called "FDISK." Since these programs are often very cumbersome to use, other vendors offer programs such as this one.


Which program you use to partition the hard disk is actually not important since the partitioning itself is nothing more than dividing the hard drive. Because all operating systems understand exactly the same type of hard disk division (primary and secondary partition table), all of the partitioners available on the market have to be compatible with one another. (Some bootmanagers that manage their own partition tables are the exception. The bootmanager program BootStar is one such exception).


The functionality of the partitioning process is offered not only by the independent partitioners but also by other programs such as setup programs of operating systems or a variety of bootmanager programs.